HC Hob Nob Endzone Meant To Be UD HXAsd HXBsd MX MXJ XF MXS MJS MAD - "Reason" (6/22/1999-12/18/2013)

Reason was an amazingly talented and versatile partner in agility, obedience, and herding. But more than all the success he has had in each of those dog sports, he was my best friend and my soul mate. As I looked back at that graying face when I lead out in agility, or as I waited to send him at the post in herding, or as he was waiting for me to call him or send him in obedience, I wanted time to stand still. Unfortunately, time does not stand still and that beautiful soul left this earth. I miss him more than words can express. 

Reason was retired in May of 2011 after running in agility one month short of his 12th birthday. He still did short agility sequences and some obedience as well as helping me sort sheep until I lost him. I am the luckiest person to have had this wonderful partner at my side in all that we did together over the years.

The video below is a video tribute to Reason on his 10th birthday.

Reason came to me in June of 1999 and he was the light of my life. He was the most versatile dog I have ever owned as he can come off the herding field after pushing sheep around, then run a fast, and focused agility course.

He was also my most amazingly talented obedience dog as he had such a flashy heeling style combined with a blazing fast recall and retrieve.

He finished his Herding Championship in April of 2007. He went into that trial needing 3 points to finish the title. He won five out of the six classes that weekend, getting two majors, 1 HIT and 1 RHIT. He went home with 18 points for the weekend, which put him at 27 points total. Reason has his Advanced B sheep, Advanced B duck, Advanced A sheep, and Advanced A duck herding titles. He is has also set out sheep for local herding trials.

Reason brought me into the world of agility because he needed more work and I wanted to join into the popular sport. Because he has incredible ground speed, I was challenged in learning agility handling at high speed. I eventually got it, and he is currently running in Masters in USDAA and only needs one Super Q in Snooker to finish his ADCH. In AKC Agility, he qualified and competed in AKC Agility Nationals in 2007 and is close to finishing his MACH.

Because of my love (and Reason’s talent) for herding and agility, Reason’s obedience career has been fit into the schedule when I have had the time. He got his UD by competing and placing many times in Utility B and I have been trialing him on occasion in local obedience trials. He has had 10 High In Trial’s in his career, by winning many Open B classes. He is one third of the way towards his OTCH and he got an invitation to the 2009 AKC Obedience Invitational by winning an AKC Obedience Invitational Regional qualifier in April of 2009. 

“HC Hob Nob Endzone Meant To Be HXAsd HXBsd MX MXJ MXS MJS XF UD”.

The video below is Reason's High In Trial Open B run, from the photo above.

Reason - High In Trial, Land O' Lakes KC, January 2008