Student Brags

Mary Beth Percy and Lakeland Terrier, "Amanda"
Herrington Commander Amanda VCD2 (CDX/OAP/ OJP/TD), RE, AXP, AJP, ME

Amanda officially retired from the performance ring on February 27, 2011 when she completed her CDX title.  She has had a remarkably successful career as she earned more different kinds of titles than any other Lakeland in the country.  She has her VCD2 title, RE, AXP, AJP and ME titles.  In collecting these titles she became the first Lakeland to earn a tracking title and a versatility title.  Little did I know that when a 5# puppy arrived on October 1,1999 she would teach me so much!   

Anita Smits and Airedale, "Bob"
Regent Wasbi UD, JH, GN, RA
Photo by Laurie Erickson
Bob earned his UD title on March 13, 2011. This is my first UD as well. It’s been 17 years in the making from the time we got our first Airedale and I started to be interested in competitive obedience.  Bob qualified in Utility A with three first places and scores of 189, 191, 192.5. It’s been a long journey with several training challenges, but he has been a wonderful and willing dog to work with.  Even when we didn’t qualify, I would get the ultimate compliment - “He’s a nice working dog.” The other thing special about Bob is that he also earned the first Airedale AKC Junior Hunter title with my husband Scott in September of 2009 after Airedales were allowed to compete in Spaniel Upland Tests. He is a very versatile and talented dog! So, our next challenge will be the UDX title and his Senior Hunting title! Stay tuned!

Susan Kluesner and Golden Retriever, "Ticket"
OTCH Int. CH U-UD Raggedy Run Just the Ticket UDX3 MH RN WCX CCA VCX

On January 23rd & 24th, 2009, Ticket earned his U-UD. He did it in three straight trials, ending with a HIT and a score of 197 out of Utility B. I was very proud of him. It has been almost two years since he earned his OTCH and he still has a great working attitude and is just as enthusiast as when we started showing together years ago. He was also silly at times which makes him all that more endearing. He played tug with a glove, he put his front paws on my legs when he should have been giving me a front, smiled a lot and gave me those great flying finishes. What an amazing and fun dog he is.

Patty Fulton and Welsh Pembroke Corgi, “Piper”
UCDX Busy B’s Legacy of Summer VCD3, RE, NF, VCX, EAC, ECC, EJC, TN-E, TG-E, O-WV-E
Piper is one of the most amazing dogs I've ever known and has been such an incredible teacher over the last six years. She was by far the hardest and most stubborn puppy I ever raised. The other dogs in her puppy socialization class never really knew what hit them when this little red cannon ball was turned loose to wreak havoc and scuttle under the chairs that they couldn't fit under. Miss Piper is now my sweetest girl. She wants to be right and is always up for a new adventure - whether that be an agility trial, a tracking challenge, an obedience exercise, silly trick, or simply a hike in the woods.

Piper and I had quite a challenge in Open, but she has shined in Utility. She earned her first leg in Utility A on Sept 20 and her third on October 18, 2009 at the TCOTC trial. We both had a lot of fun in the ring and the grin proved that she knew she had done well. This also completed the requirements for her Versatile Companion Dog Level 3 (VCD3) which consists of the UD, TDX, AX, and AXJ. Thanks Nancy for being the perfect coach! You epitomize what dog sports are supposed to be about.

Here is a video of Patty and Piper getting their UD:


Nancy Booth and Border Collie, “Sugar”

Semisonic’s Pour It On CD

On October 17, 2009, Sugar (Semisonic's Pour It On) completed her CD in three tries. Her road to the ring was a long one, but good coaching got us there. I love the video taken at our first trial
, her tail is wagging on the floor as the judge approaches to give us our directions. We both had a great time in the ring and we're looking forward to that CDX.


Chucki Gatz and Australian Shepherd, “Street”
ASCA/AKC/CKC CH  Cobblestones Circuit Breaker ASCA/AKC CKC, CDX, ASCA Stds, AKC PT, TDI

In November, 2008 Street and Chucki traveled to the ASCA Nationals in Las Vegas, NV. We competed in the ASCA National Obedience Finals and got 1st place!! We were also entered in Most Versatile Aussie and placed 17th in a field of 88. Street is the sweetest dog in the world – we have a great time working on our obedience (we are currently working on Utility) and Herding. Street is so much fun to work with and will do anything I ask of him – he is a wonderful dog !!!!  Photo by FTI Dart Dog.


Mary Waller and Papillion, “Gunny”

Loteki Just Blew Into Town CD

Gunny is the only pup that survived out of his litter, which makes him special. However, Gunny is just plain “special”, anyway. He is very sweet and has a great personality. Sometimes he is mistakenly thought of as soft. But he has a very determined inner core, making him even more fun to work with. I am still learning a lot about Gunny and how to work with him, as we have just started his obedience career. Gunny needs to have time to process his new challenges and then he gets it. I try to introduce new games for him so he is always learning and having fun doing it.

One of the challenges that Gunny has is a sensitive stomach. So, many times he has urped up just before going into the ring and still manages to do a good job. In fact, two of those times he won a run off for 2nd place so I was telling him, “Good boy, Gunny!! You’re the best”.
Nan Cochrane and Australian Shepherd, “Star”
Riversong Revvin’ the T-Bird CDX, TD, STDs

Star was born in my dining room—part of the only litter I’ve ever bred. Experienced dog breeders often describe that one special pup in a litter that just has to stay. For me, Star was that pup. Prior to tackling obedience Star titled in tracking and herding, dabbled in agility and even had a couple of breed ring wins.

Star earned her AKC CDX on November 9, 2008. It was a first for both of us, and an achievement I am very proud of—and thankful for. I am an imperfect trainer, but with Star’s willingness and Nancy’s expert instruction we’ve managed to forge a partnership we enjoy very much.

Star is loved, trained and fed no matter what, so she’s more circumspect than I am about the new title, and seems quite excited to expand our horizons into Utility. Ever the hobbyist, Star spends her spare time guarding the homestead, going on long walks, chasing squirrels, hunting mice and napping under the dining room table.

Joanne Dalby and Golden Retriever, "Jasper"
HR Wild River’s Precious Gem VCD1 UDX JH WC Can CDX NA NAC TN-N

Jasper finished his UDX on Sunday, September 21 at the Anoka KC trial at Total Recall. Our first UDX competition was in Fargo, in September of 2007. In going for his UDX title, we had a total of six NQs. In his entire obedience career, he has NQ’d a total of ten times. To date, he has had two HIT, one HC, and ten class wins, the equivalent of two Dog World Awards (FFX-OP awarded by Front & Finish magazine), and currently have 31 OTCh pts, with 1/3 wins in Utility.

This has been a special accomplishment for us. Upon finishing his AKC CDX, I didn’t know if I’d be able to ever compete with him again due to lameness and lethargy from tick borne illness. I kept working with him in obedience even though I had pulled him out of field and agility. It took about a year and a half before he was able to jump in Utility without apparent pain, so I was very happy to have made it through Utility with him. Getting a UDX was more than I had ever imagined. Jasper is my Novice A dog.

Deb Sackrison and Welsh Springer Spaniel, "Tristan"
Ch Limberlosts Star Up North UD
Tristan finally did it!!! She finally got her UD after lots of detours along the way;1 litter, 2 other unsuccessful breedings, lots of false pregnancies, conformation competition and one really scary incident during a long out of sight exercise. Tristan's enthusiasm is the only thing that kept me going, she has LOTS of attitude and loves training.

Neither of us likes the show ring much but we do like working together.
Anita Smits and Airedale, "Bob"
Regent Wasbi CDX, JH, GN, RA

Bob got his last CD leg at the Twin Cities Airedale Club Specialty on August 22, 2008. He took first place along with being HIT. In addition to being trained in Obedience, Bob also hunts pheasants with my husband and passed the Airedale Club junior flushing test (JHF). Bob loves to be active and will continue to be trained and shown in both Obedience and Hunting. We just hope we can keep up with all his energy!


Susan Kluesner and Golden Retriever, "Ticket"
OTCH Int. CH Raggedy Run Just the Ticket UDX3 MH RN WCX CCA VCX
On April 5, 2008 Ticket finished his OTCH at the Fargo-Moorhead Obedience Trial by winning Utility B under James Hamm which gave him the last few points he needed to complete the title. This accomplishment makes Ticket one of only 30-some Golden Retrievers in the history of the breed to achieve an OTCH and Master Hunter. Ticket consistently qualifies in Open and Utility with a great attitude in the ring. He shows with so much animation and joy he is a blast to compete with in obedience.  We have had a wonderful journey together to our many titles and I have become a better person and dog trainer as a result.  Many thanks to Nancy for helping Ticket and I reach these special accomplishments.